5 Yummy Things We Found in Norwegian Grocery Stores

As you've probably heard, Norway is expensive. Like $6 for a small, plain cup of coffee expensive. So during our week here, we spent a good bit of time exploring the grocery stores as a way to save a few krone. Here are a few of our favorite finds:

2. Snofrisk- a creamy, spreadable goat cheese. It's flavorful but mild- and quite tasty! Probably the favorite foodie discovery of our trip. (As a side note, the RugSprø crackers were pretty bland on their own but a great compliment to the cheese.)

1. Chili nøtter- with the texture of corn nuts, these are a perfect pick-me-up. They seem to be baked or "popped" somehow, so that fun, crunchy texture + a salty and slightly spicy coating= yum sauce.

We discovered the "Kvikk" thanks to an awesome airBNB host who left them on our pillows. Score!


3. Kvikk Lunsj chocolate bar- pretty much exactly like a Kit Kat but somehow better. Apparently around here these are considered a hiking snack. Um, ok! 

The cheese is good but this beer tastes like aass!

The cheese is good but this beer tastes like aass!

4. Brunost- A.k.a. "Brown cheese," brunost has a very different texture than most cheeses and, well, it's brown. It looks more like a block of caramel than anything but has a semi-sweet taste... maybe even a little bit like hardened peanut butter? It's hard to describe, but it seems to be one of those things you either hate or you love. We loved it!


5. Caviar in a tube- As soon as I saw this I knew we'd need to try it. I mean, caviar in a tube? WTF?! Unfortunately, it wasn't especially cheap so Chlo talked me out of buying it. As luck would have it, we made some friends at our hostel that night and they had bought a tube but were traveling the next day so they offered it to us. Yay free caviar! The Mills Caviar ("Kaviar") is apparently smoked cod roe paste. To me it tasted like smoked salmon... just with a pasty texture. I quite liked it, and it was especially good with a different spreadable cheese we got, an herb (urter) flavored Kremost.

A picnic in our airBNB apartment for our final dinner in Norway. The caviar really classes it up, wouldn't you say?

A picnic in our airBNB apartment for our final dinner in Norway. The caviar really classes it up, wouldn't you say?

Best of Taos, NM

1. Tour a wood-burning pottery kiln for FREE!

Potters wheel in Enchanted Circle Pottery's studio

Potters wheel in Enchanted Circle Pottery's studio

Drive out on the Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway and stop in at for a free tour at Enchanted Circle Pottery. The owners, Kevin and JoAnne DeKeuster, are super friendly and showcase a variety of ceramic wood-fired pottery and sculptures. Joanne works primarily on sculptures while Kevin throws on the wheel making pieces that are functional. Their studio is unique because all of their pottery and sculptures are fired solely with wood. Touring the wood-burning pottery kiln and understanding the process is fascinating. Don’t forget to peek around the gallery before you leave. We bought a couple coffee mugs that we love and use almost every day!


2. Take a llama to lunch.

Sus hiking with her llama, K2

Sus hiking with her llama, K2

Wild Earth Llama Adventures offers “Take a Llama to Lunch” day hikes, where you hike into the wilderness with a llama for your companion and they provide a tasty picnic lunch along the way. Their guides know everything about llamas and the New Mexican wilderness, providing tons of fun facts along the way. It's such a unique way to stay active and get some fresh air and the hikes range in length and difficulty so there is something for everyone. If you have more time, they offer multi-day wilderness adventures. No matter which hike you choose, you'll walk away with a new understanding of the wilderness and maybe a llama for a friend.


3. Fly above the Rio Grand Gorge from a hot air balloon

Owner and pilot, Ed Smith, checking out the inside the balloon before lift off.

Owner and pilot, Ed Smith, checking out the inside the balloon before lift off.

See a New Mexican sunrise from the sky with Pueblo Balloon Company. Their pilots navigate the skies with ease and make you feel safe the entire time. The balloon lowers down into the Rio Grande Gorge and sometimes even dips into the Rio Grande River before heading back up! With all of the different perspectives and the stunning sunrise you'll end up with breathtaking pictures and a memory you won't forget.


Be sure to watch our full episode to get even more ideas of what to explore during your trip to Taos, NM. 

My Love/Hate Relationship with Camping

We went camping near Vail, CO a few days ago. We found a beautiful spot in a meadow a little ways off the dirt road that leads to Piney River Ranch, a place we'd been considering as a possible wedding venue.

Camping spot near Lower Piney Lake trailhead

We had all the right gear. The drive was stunning. Luckily, Eagle county was one of the few in CO without fire restrictions so we were able to build a fire. After a fireside dinner, a chat with a friendly, drunk visitor who wandered near our campsite, and a s'more, it was time to go to bed.


Camping feast! Fish & herbs and veggies wrapped in foil and cooked in the fire. 

Camping feast! Fish & herbs and veggies wrapped in foil and cooked in the fire. 

The Next Day


Why I Hate Camping

Frost on the side of the tent

  1. It. Is. Scary. Once I am able to stop being afraid that a bear is going to come into our campsite, pull us out by our feet, and rip us to pieces, I start being scared that a nearby camper happened to notice two young(ish) girls camping by themselves and is going to come back and kill us in our sleep. Paralyzing fear is not really conducive to good sleep.
  2. The ground is hard. We bought sleeping pads. It's still hard. 
  3. It's cold- at least in the mountains of Colorado. Like, really, really cold. 


All that said, I think camping is really cool. I do love it. I just want to be better at it.

Happy to have made it through the night? 

Happy to have made it through the night? 

Why I Love Camping

  1. You can't really beat waking up in the middle of an outdoor paradise, especially if there's crisp mountain air involved. 
  2. Campfires. S'mores included, obviously. 
  3. It forces you to be "unplugged." 
  4. It's cheap. Once you have the gear, it's about as close to free as you can get. 


Maybe we just need to try camping with a group of friends before Chlo & I head out on our own again. Camping trip, anyone? 


Zaxby enjoying the campfire

So you host a travel show?

We're constantly being asked, "What do you do for a living?" To be honest, we don't really have a good answer. We do a little bit of everything- researching, planning, filming, editing, marketing, and yes, hosting a travel webseries.

Three years ago, Sus & Chlo on the Go was just a dream- a way to share our travel experiences and entertain people along the way. We've come a long way since then but we still don't have it all figured out. What we have figured out is that the show changes and grows along with our lives, so we've decided to start a blog to document it all.

This blog will be a lot like our show and a lot like our life- a little bit of everything.

Proposal off of  I-70, entering Colorado

Wedding planning

Blue Lake Hike, Roosevelt National Forest, CO

Our favorites hikes with our pup, Zaxby!

Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, UT

And of course, our travel adventures!

Hidden Lake Overlook hike in Glacier National Park, MT

Hidden Lake Overlook hike in Glacier National Park, MT

We love what we do and, while at times the uncertainty is overwhelming and scary, we continue to pursue this dream because

we believe in the power of travel- and that there is no better time than now.

This blog begins a new chapter for us. What will it bring- who knows?

That's the exciting part.